Forever Vets


The Jacksonville Women’s Rugby Team welcomes their newest sponsor: Forever Vets Animal Hospital. Recently, the team came together in such an astounding effort when a 5 month old puppy came in to Forever Vets Animal Hospital in very serious condition. The puppy, now named “Sinner,” showed signs of lethargy, not eating, and vomiting. It was soon discovered that Sinner contracted the Parvovirus- a highly contagious and deadly virus. The original owners could not afford the treatment and opted to euthanize him. In a matter of hours, the Women’s Rugby Team pulled together the funds and then some to pay for his treatment. The team was determined to give this puppy a chance at life and continually checked on him to monitor his progress. The teamwork between both the rugby team and Forever Vets Animal Hospital showed their compassion for animals as well as their ability to unify and work quickly to resolve a stressful situation. Since then, Sinner has made a full recovery and has found a great home with members of the rugby team. Because of the incredible partnership they demonstrated, Forever Vets Animal Hospital made the decision to sponsor the Jacksonville Women’s Rugby Team. Here’s to a great relationship for many years to come!


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