Looking for a traditional Irish dining experience? Then this is your place! Culhane’s Irish Pub is owned by four sisters who were born and raised in the county of Limerick, Ireland. This establishment was opened in 2005 and is located in Atlantic Beach. Upon entering their pub, you will be greeted with smiles, great drinks, and an aroma of Irish cooking. Culhane’s has caught the eye of more than just the locals; the star of Diner, Drive Ins and Dives, Guy Fieri, stopped in and proved to the world just how amazing this place is! If that does not convince you to bring your family and friends to this incredible place, then we do not know what will.


On behalf of the Jacksonville Rugby Clubs, we want to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to sponsoring our teams.  We cannot think of a better place to make memories we may, or may not, remember. As we continue to grow, please know the partnerships with our sponsors are vital to the success of our rugby clubs. You are truly appreciated. Thanks, again.



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